Cosmetic and Family dentistry

     We at Ahn & Perez DDS want your visits to our practice to be a welcome, comfortable, and enjoyable experience. We take great effort in listening to your expectations and concerns about your dental health.  Our friendly, knowledgeable team strive to answer all the dental and financial questions you may have.  Our goal is to give you a healthy smile that lasts a lifetime.

Our Practice

Insurance and Payment

     Paying for dental care can be very confusing with or without insurance. We help take the mystery out of insurance by providing a complimentary benefit review. We will look at your plan and provide an estimate of what is covered and how much it will cost you out of pocket.

     We take the hassle out of going to the dentist by filing insurance claims for you and by accepting all major credit cards. Our goal is to take the unwanted surprises out of paying for your dental care.

     Our office accepts most major insurance plans.  But if you don't have dental insurance, various payment options are available.